Repair work - To assist you in looking for companies, artists, materials, and suddenly appearing additional costs, we offer repair work and supervision, covering:

Dry construction - Construction of false ceilings, pre cladding and plasterboard partitions, design and construction of fireplaces, building staircases.

Repairs and finishing works - cladding stairs, gluing terracotta tiles and any other finishes. Installation work in bathrooms, toilets and offices. Painting, decorative plaster, installation of wallpaper.


Design and Visualization - Our projects include - distribution, specific items of furniture, decoration, lighting, color and material solutions. The starting point in designing a proper functional is the layout - it can change a flat unrecognizable. This clarifies the grouping of individual premises, the connections between them - primary, secondary, size of rooms, their orientation to the terrain and the four cardinal points. We offer high-quality visualization of Designs, because it helps the client to look at the object before it is implemented. Allows a number of adjustments in the choice of finishes, colors, materials and determine the most appropriate according to the wishes of the client solution for performance that is impossible to present only through drawings, through description and imagination. Computer visualization shows that the choice and combinations that your client has chosen and harmonize the interior as it would feel best. We provide complete interior projects with zoning and repair work, as well as designing individual rooms on request. For customers with small budget - prepare financial framework and selecting the best bargains on the market, and provide bonuses. We do also redesign and refurbishment of the interior. For more details contact our team at the given addresses.

3D animations - produce exterior and interior visualizations of new buildings, hotels, complexes with or without modeling of the environment - trees, shrubs, paths, lighting, benches, rest areas, fountains, playgrounds, streets, sidewalks, human figures, cars, trees, shrubs, grass, etc. We produce commercials depicting items advertised in their best light with a virtual tour of the complexes and apartments in residential buildings and their environment, voiced with appropriate background music.

For commercial premises - bars, gyms, shops, galleries and more. - We offer a comprehensive package of all services at preferential prices.



Our partner in the realization of fitness facilities is Piel Fitness - company for supply and sale of professional fitness equipment. It is the exclusive representative of the American company LifeFitness, the market leader in professional strength and cardio equipment.