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We are an interior design studio, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, founded in 2002. We design private and public interiors. “Fashion comes and goes. Good design is a language, not a style.”

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Residential Interior

We design art. We create convenient for living homes with any kind of dimensions and shapes. In the process of designing we conform the project according to client`s demands and needs. To every project we have individual approach and we aim for functionality altogether with aesthetics. According to us every detail is important. We work in different styles – modern, retro-modern, vintage, minimalistic, industrial, French provance, Mediterranean, eclectic, Boho, Asian dzen, traditional classic, neo-classic, art-deco.

Public Interior

We design with imagination. Our team is specialized in design of public spaces – hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, gyms, Spa centers, beauty salons, clinics and exhibition stands. The main focus is to design with our own style and character. Our approach to each project is individual and every concept is a result of careful analysis of the space`s characteristics and client`s demands. We design visual delight, we provoke curiosity and we search for the different solution which is going to make the interior unique.

Office interior

We design with experience. The workspace`s impact on the work is essential. In order for a person to have fun while working, the surrounding must predispose him. Our main idea is that each client has their own story and the work environment is a great way to tell it. When we do our initial research on a project, we get acquainted with all the main aspects and needs of the client - the number of employees, spaces, activities and more, but we also want to know how this company has developed, who the people are and what they like to do.

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